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Welcome to The Secret Tidier. Professional Organiser and Declutterer based in Edinburgh.


Victoria McHugh
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How it Works

3 steps to your neater life with The Secret Tidier

Step 1 - Select your service(s)

  • Declutter & organise
  • Home storage & space optimisation
  • Implement time-saving systems
  • Downsize & home moving preparation
  • Wardrobe & clothes organisation
  • Small business organisation
  • To-do list tasks & errands
  • Bespoke projects
Step 2 - Book a consultation

Give me a call to arrange your free consultation. We can then discuss your needs and arrange the best time to visit you.


After the initial visit, and once we’ve agreed what you need, we will set a date and time for your tidying session(s).

Step 3 - Let's get tidying!

On the day of the visit, we will examine your belongings and I will help guide you through the decision-making process regarding what to keep.


We will then work out the best way to organise and store your items in the most functional way leaving you with a beautiful, tidier home.

Get in touch today to arrange your free consultation

Why Tidy?

‘We own too much stuff and it’s stealing our joy’
– Joshua Becker –

We’ve never had as much access to and accumulated so much ‘stuff’, and with constant reminders that we won’t be ‘happy’ until we have more gadgets, cars, clothes etc., it’s easy to see why. But this accumulation of material goods not only affects our bank balance but can also negatively impact our mental health. Research indicates that people with cluttered homes are more fatigued and depressed, and show increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. Consequently, by decluttering and organising our physical environment we can de-stress and even become happier, save time – over a lifetime we’ll spend a total of 3,680 hours looking for lost items, estimates show – and reclaim our homes from the possessions that overrun them.



“…By the time three hours was up, my front room was a beautiful oasis of calm and order. And the amazing thing has been that, six weeks later, it is still tidy…”



“Many thanks for the new filing system. I had reason to check some insurance information today and it proved easy and simple to use. Thank you for all your help.”

Andrea B.


“My wardrobe cleanse experience with TST was brilliant; really helped me to streamline my wardrobe making it easier to find outfits in the morning. Less really is more.”

Sarah R.

About The Secret Tidier

Hi, my name is Victoria McHugh and I am The Secret Tidier: a professional organiser and declutterer based in Edinburgh!

After graduating from university with a degree in psychology – I have always been fascinated with people and why we do what we do – I spent years in the deadline-driven legal sector. But after some significant life events I was left questioning my work-life balance. I felt compelled to try something different and help others by combining my administrative skills, my interest in people and my natural ability in and enthusiasm for organisation. After attending a ‘Do What You Love’ workshop, I discovered the world of professional organisers, and soon after I created The Secret Tidier. My aim is to help people declutter their environment, create simple and workable systems that make life run a little more smoothly, and ultimately free up their time for doing the things that make them happy. This, combined with the belief that transforming our physical surroundings positively impacts the way we work and feel, is my catalyst for wanting to make a career out of it. Besides decluttering and my general love of all things filing and paperwork, there is nothing I love more than the simple pleasures in life – coffee and cake, a leisurely afternoon walk or a good film – which is just as well, as I’m a new(ish) mum and life can get pretty hectic. If you would like to create some space at home or at work, I would love to support you.


For a free, non-judgemental consultation on how I can help make life a little easier please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Victoria McHugh
Professional Organiser and Declutterer

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